Jeffrey Tucker Joins RMIT University Blockchain Innovation Hub as Research Affiliate

Jeffrey Tucker accepted a title of Research Affiliate for the RMIT University Blockchain Innovation Hub in Melbourne, Australia. RMIT University is known for applied leading-edge research that engages with business and technology. They are an interdisciplinary team of researchers in economics, political-economy, organizational theory, law, sociology, politics and communications. They work on cryptoeconomics, business

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Jeffrey Tucker at the Brain Bar

The Brain Bar is central Europe’s leading festival of ideas and technology. This year, the event featured Jeffrey Tucker as the opening keynote to speak about cryptocurrent and blockchain technology and its meaning and future. Here is a video wrap up of the event.

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Money Is a Practical Art

If you read on the topic of money’s history from any mainstream textbook, you will already know the drill. In the past, money took many forms. It was shells, pelts, salt, and various metals. Finally we got paper money, credit institutions, then central banks. At this point, we are told,

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Bitcoin Mining Is Costly, Just Like Gold Mining

The classic criticism against the gold standard is that it was too costly. Why are these guys wasting resources to suit up, dig into mountains, desperately seeking a finite resource, and slogging the results all the way to Treasury Department? This is all just silly. We know how to make

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Three Stages of Ownership

I constantly get the question: why do we need this blockchain thing anyway? Here is why. Every society with a vibrant commercial life exalts private property as an institution. The entrenchment of this institution occurs in three stages. All three are essential. The first stage is to create private property

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Bitcoin for Beginners

[This article was written for publication on April 1, 2013] Understanding Bitcoin requires that we understand the limits of our ability to imagine the future that the market can create for us. Thirty years ago, for example, if someone had said that electronic text—digits flying through the air and landing

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