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About Us

We believe a public digital ledger and affiliated Blockchain technologies are the culmination of many centuries of human progress and development. Our name firm ‘Vellum’ goes far back to ancient times. Roman societies would use the highest quality leather skins to produce manuscripts and important records – and many still survive to this day. 

Vellum Capital’s name represents our view that when you combine the world’s most advanced record keeping technology with modern trading markets you create an economic opportunity unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. To realize this opportunity, we manage a private investment fund for investors to participate in this technology wave. 

Our Team

Eric Kovalak


Eric Kovalak is a hedge fund professional with experience in quantative strategy development.

John Schroder


John served as the CEO of Juvo Technologies from 2014 through 2018.  His time there was highlighted by Juvo’s acquisition of digital payment provider Vendorin, along with transitioning Juvo from a regional managed IT service provider into an enterprise software platform with users across North America.

David Veksler


David Veksler is an expert in applied cryptography and Blockchain-powered services.

Recent Writing

Recent writing from the Partners

Bitcoin and National Security

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything ~ Mark Twain When it comes to financial journalism, there are two ways that most individual readers consume the content they choose:  they can look for consensus and become susceptible to groupthink, or they can seek various opinions and become susceptible to decision paralysis.  Both of these realities exist in varying degrees, with the investment mandates or goals of these consumers typically dictating which

Bear Market Musings

Over the course of this bear market, I have encountered my share of crypto naysayers, and truth be told, some of the events of the past 24 months have certainly given them reasons to be skeptical.  That there are grifters in this space shouldn’t come as a surprise though, and as I continue to tell them:  drugs, hookers, and international arms deals continue to be facilitated in dollars, so perhaps the possibility of illegal activity

Gary, Gary, Gary

Not quite a year ago, I wrote an article trying to honestly assess a reality many in the crypto space would rather ignore.  That article, “What If Gary Gensler Is Right” was a somewhat academic exercise trying to acknowledge the idea that some cryptocurrencies just might be securities and that the SEC’s regulatory crackdown on the space might have some justification.  Much has changed, and much has occurred since that article originally appeared, but one


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