Eric Kovalak

Eric is an experienced hedge fund manager. After a number of years as an options trader, his interest for quantitative strategy development led him to found his own firm, Entramarket Capital, manager of a volatility arbitrage hedge fund. Recently, Eric is currently leading a research pipeline to apply recent advances in machine learning and convolutional neural networks to cross-asset volatility and systematic derivative trading strategies.

Eric’s interest in blockchain and crypto assets began as a philosophical curiosity for the possibility of widely distributed and freely adapted intermediary of trade – digital assets a the modern currency. His experience working with market microstructure, liquidity analysis, and dynamic pricing models have many cross applications to the blockchain space, and Eric brings his experience to Vellum Capital to assist with firm management and Blockchain’s unique trade environment.

Eric holds a degree BA in Economics from Hillsdale College, and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Devos Graduate School at Northwood University. He serves boards and advisory roles of private companies, and also on boards of nonprofit organizations. He has passed NFA Series 3 and 65 license examinations.

Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker, editorial director of American Institute for Economic Research, is an early adopter of cryptocurrency who was out in front with the intellectual defense of the theory, practice, and future of synthetic monies and assets. He was one of the first writers in the tradition of Austrian economics to explain the viability of the currency as an alternative to national monies and the realization of F.A. Hayek’s vision of the denationalization of money and choice in currency. He is a Research Affiliate for the RMIT University Blockchain Innovation Hub in Melbourne, Australia.

He organized the first conference in the United States on the topic apart from Bitcoin’s core development team: the Crypto-Currency Conference in October 2013, held in Atlanta, Georgia, in conjunction with BitPay. He speaks regularly at blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences around the world (Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Israel). His book Bit by Bit (2014) predicted a bright future for currency and cryptoassets. He frequently appears in documentaries on the topic, including the Netflix feature “Banking on Bitcoin,” and speaks around the world on the topic, including forums in Brazil, Israel, and Australia.

He is author of seven books, an adviser to Blockchain companies, including Factom, and Director of Content for the Foundation for Economic Education. He is called on regularly by the financial press to comment on and account for price swings and trends in the cryptoasset world, and writes regular columns on the topic. He has been interviewed at length by Bitcoin Magazine and, and his twitter feed is one of the most followed on the topic.

Tucker gave the Franz Čuhel Memorial Lecture at the Prague Conference on Political Economy in 2017, has been a two-time featured guest on John Stossel’s show, interviewed on Bitcoin Glenn Beck’s television show (the first segment to appear), spoken at Google headquarters, appeared frequently on Huffington Post Live and Russia Today, been the two-time Master of Ceremonies at Libertopia, been featured at FreedomFest and the International Students for Liberty Conference, the featured speaker at Liberty Forum three years, keynoted the Young Americans for Liberty national convention, has spoken at many dozens of colleges and universities in the U.S. and around the world including Harvard University, Yale University, and Boston University, has been quoted in the New York Times and Washington Post, appears regularly in Newsweek and many other popular venues, and is in constant demand as a headline speaker at libertarian, technology, and monetary conferences around the world.

Tucker studied economics in academia, had a close professional relationship with the Austrian economist Murray Rothbard for the ten years before his death, and published hundreds of books on economics, money, and banking during his long tenure at the Mises Institute. He then rebooted the bookseller Laissez Faire, during which time he wrote columns on finance, economic trends, and politics for Agora Financial. His next company,, was one of the earliest for-profit spaces to accept cryptocurrency in payment for subscriptions. He then moved to FEE, to make this nonprofit founded in 1946 a leading voice on the topic of cryptocurrency. Today he is the editorial director of the oldest market think tank in the United States.

David Veksler

David Veksler is an expert in applied cryptography and Blockchain-powered services.

His projects include:

  •, a secure messaging service based on public key cryptography.
  •, a Bitcoin wallet recovery service.
  •, an integrated social network and blogging platform which launched with a Bitcoin-supported crowdfund, and pioneered Bitcoin shopping cart integration in 2013.
  • C2CX, a crypto asset exchange with advanced trading features for Asia-Pacific market.
  •, the leading platform for advocating free markets and entrepreneurship to young people, and a blockchain advocate since Bitcoin was $14.

David spent 5 years in Shanghai, China, during which time he consulted with foreign businesses operating in China on information security best practices.  He previously worked as an information systems architect for Education First, VML (part of WPP),, Essilor America, and Reynolds and Reynolds.  David is currently the Director of Marketing and Technology at the Foundation for Economic Education.  He holds a Masters in Management of Information Systems from Texas A&M Mays Business School.